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Are you or a close family member making the transition from private or group health insurance to Medicare? If so, you may be confused by the many options available to you. Don’t try to navigate this labyrinth alone. Reach out to one of the friendly insurance professionals at Davis & Juul Insurance Agency for help.

Independent Professionals Working for You

Our experienced insurance agents participate regularly in continuing education for the specific purpose of remaining up-to-date on laws affecting Medicare and Medicare supplements. Whether you are nearing the transition to Medicare or need to update your existing Medicare coverage, we can help. If you’re helping a parent or grandparent with Medicare decisions, we’ll work alongside both of you to find the best possible solutions.

The Information You Need

Not all Medicare recipients qualify for our plans. That doesn’t mean we can’t help you in some way. One of the first types of assistance we provide is a review of your existing coverage. We’ll explain in detail what is and is not covered by various Medicare options, and we’ll help you understand whether or not a Medicare supplement, also known as Medigap coverage, is right for you. Here are a few facts to help get you started:

  • An individual must have both Part A and Part B Medicare in order to qualify for Medigap plans.
  • Individuals participating in a Medicare Advantage Plan must discontinue this participation before the start date for Medicare Part B coverage.
  • Medicare supplement (Medigap) plans require premium payments in addition to the premiums paid for Medicare Part B.
  • Medigap plans cover individuals only, which means spouses need to purchase separate policies.
  • As long as premium payments are current, Medigap plans cannot be cancelled for any reason.
  • You cannot purchase a Medigap plan if you have a Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA).

To learn more about Medicare coverage and Medigap plans, contact us. If you prefer to speak with someone personally, call our office during regular business hours. We look forward to helping you navigate the often-confusing world of Medicare.

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